Dedicated inside or outside sales professionals focused on generating immediate revenue for our clients!
Our approach to your success is based on a team strategy. Each client is assigned a team of experts to make sure your transition goes smoothly.
Program Executive – Your acting VP of Sales, will manage your dedicated sales team to meet revenue demands.
Account Manager – Responsible for client satisfaction and account review.
Sales Agents – Implement our proven methods to ensure communication and success throughout the contract life.
Sales Administrator – Manages all the Human Resource functions.
Financial Administrator – Manages all expenses and commissions. For comparatively less cost and in a short time, we will develop a selling process, implement sales support structures and manage a dedicated group of sales professionals that are focused and driven to achieve your revenue goals. Golden Stables Outsourced Services will tap into our extensive business management consulting, executive sales and marketing experience to develop a customized solution that reduces the risk for our clients. Your assigned Sales Focus transition and management team of experts will assess your current sales strategy, devise a marketing plan, develop a process driven organization, then manage it to meet your corporate goals all within 45 days!
Our commitment to our clients includes the following
Tactical Sales and Marketing Plans
Organizational Planning & Development
Dedicated and Focused Sales Professionals
Solution Based Strategic Sales Training
Focused Sales Management