GSOS employs experienced professional marketers focused on lead generation for your business. Let GSOS provide outsourced lead generation to uncover new prospects and develop a pipeline of new opportunities. Let GSOS use its Sales Outsourcing model as a lead generation resource for developing new leads and potential clients.

Who needs lead generation?
Companies with an existing sales force that would like to increase the amount of qualified leads available for their sales teams can utilize our Inside Sales & Lead Generation Services.Golden Stables will work with your company to develop a high-level telesales campaign. We’ll produce and optimize the appropriate phone scripts, assist with obtaining the best available prospecting lists and most importantly develop qualified leads and pipeline prospects for your team.

How does it work?
An agreed-upon number of inside sales representatives are deployed on behalf of your sales campaign. All qualified sales opportunities uncovered by the telesales team are immediately forwarded to your sales force. One of the most efficient means of focusing sales and marketing efforts is along industry verticals, such as; finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, etc. Tailored to the needs of each client, we assemble and manage teams of sales professionals to perform focused, high-level inside sales and lead generation campaigns. Even at the telesales level there is an opportunity for significant value recognition & positive residual branding. We only employ and manage experienced sales representatives. Each representative will have a minimum of 2-3 years of inside and/or outside sales experience. Your company’s phone representation should emulate its reputation for quality and customer service.

Customized Contact List Development
Having the right information can be a critical factor in the success or failure of any sales and marketing campaign. Our Customized Contact List Development Service ensures your team has the right contacts to get in front of the right people.
Are you looking for the decision maker, key purchasing influencer, business-line manager, sales champion, sponsor, or all of them? We’re experienced with uncovering all levels of contacts, from managers to senior executives, within: IT, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Public Relations, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Investor Relations and more.
Golden Stables Outsourced Services provides the resources and management necessary to develop targeted contact lists, tailored specifically to your needs. By developing a customized list, we ensure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date contacts available.

Advantages of Customized List over List Purchasing
Give sales & marketing the most current prospect information available. Find contacts not available on purchased lists. Targeted to specific companies or those within specific industry verticals – build your ideal client list

Greater data accuracy
Eliminate wasted time and expenses experienced by using inaccurate information
Flexible data delivery options: Data can either be delivered upon completion of the full project, or reported on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, as work is completed.